Beneath the shadows of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, adjacent to The Wolf Laurel Preserve, you will find the smallest K-5 school in the state of North Carolina. A school size of 58-70 students fill the classrooms with love, laughter, and learning. With highly qualified teachers Bee Log strives to give their students the best in education.                                                                    
   The name “Bee Log” came about in the 1700’s from a group of settlers who cut down a tree to get honey out of it. The tree became a foot log and people began saying they were crossing at the “Bee Log.” The first community school appeared in the Bee Log community in the late 1800’s. This building was a wooden frame building with a wooden shingle roof. It served grades 1-8.
    This school served the community until the 1920’s, when,after a fire, a new two-story wooden school was built. This school stood in the community until a fire in 1935 once again claimed a school in the Bee Log Community. The present Bee Log School was built in 1936 as part of a WPA project. The interior of the building once again burned in 1949.

   The interior of the building was rebuilt and the school reopened in the early 1950’s. In 1956, a total of 580 students attended Bee Log School in grades 1-12. In 1958, two high schools were built in Yancey County and students in grades 9-12 went to these high schools. After these high schools were built Bee Log became a 1-8 school. Bee Log stayed a K-8 school until 1974 when a new high school was built in the county and the old schools became middle schools for grades 6-8. Despite this consolidation Bee Log continued to have a 6th grade until 1986. Bee Log then became a K-5 school. Bee Log today serves an average of 60 children in grades K-5.