“If you believe it, you can achieve it!”
                           Bee Log Elementary School

2007 No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School

Andrea R. Allen,  principal

55 Bee Log Rd.

Burnsville, NC 28714

Phone:  828-682-3271   Fax:  828-682-3790



January 13, 2014


Dear Parents and Friends,

    Today you will receive a snap shot of our school report card for the 2012-2013 school year.    While viewing our school report card you will access data regarding student performance, class size, attendance, school safety, instructional resources and teacher quality.  (You may access our school’s full report card on the NC School Report Cards’ website at http://www.ncreportcards.org.)  However, that information represents only part of our school demographics.  We have many other programs and initiatives which help to make our school unique.  For example, we offer the following after school programs which also enhance our instruction; 4-H,  Zumba Bears Club, and The Bear Basics ( an after school enrichment club)  .  We also are very proud of our school wide WOW (Working on Wellness) Club, as well as our Greenhouse Program.    We are very lucky to have many volunteers within our community to help us provide such wonderful programs for our students. 

    As you view our school report card, you will notice that our 2012-13 assessment results are lower than in years past.  Not only did Bee Log Elementary experience a drop in scores, but so did schools within the district and state.  This drop in scores was anticipated due to the new NC Common Core standards and more rigorous assessments that were implemented this school year.  To quote State Superintendent June Atkinson, “these scores reflect a much higher bar than students have had to clear in the past.  The reason is that the world in which these young people will compete and contribute requires more skill and knowledge.  We want to set our standards accordingly.”


     During the 2013-14  school year we will continue to focus on North Carolina's high standards for achievement.  We will have a strong focus on the K-5 Science Curriculum, and Writing across all grade levels, and immersing our students in literature which is visually displayed through out the school.  We will continue implementing Literature Circles and Paideia seminars into our guided reading lessons.  Also, grades K-5 will continue to implement elements of the 4Blocks Language Arts Program.  There will be a strong emphasis on mathematical concepts such as number sense, measurement, data and probability, algebra and problem solving.  Students will be exposed to “real world problems” and encouraged to make connections between the curriculum to their own lives. 

   We are continuing to work on the implementation of the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) Program within our school.  Bee Log Elementary was recently awarded the status of an “Exemplar” school.  This is a distinction that we are very proud to have achieved.   We are encouraging our students to show their “PAWS”  (Pride, Attitude, Working and Safety), throughout the day.  Our staff is also incorporating elements of the 7 Habits within each classroom during weekly classroom meetings. 

  At Bee Log Elementary we encourage all parents to become more informed about our school’s progress, as well as welcome them to become an active volunteer within our school.  Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss any aspect of our school that interests you.  Thank you for allowing me to share this information with you, and thank you for supporting our efforts to provide the children of Bee Log Elem.  with a high-quality education. We welcome you to join our team and show your PAW PRIDE!




Andrea R. Allen